The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one of the longest on-going conflicts in the world. It has taken its toll on the mental health of children on both sides, leaving a generation of children and adolescents on the brink of a mental health crisis.

Project Rozana’s vision is to improve the mental health of trauma-affected children and adolescents in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel by building capacity in the provision of quality mental health care. It is a bold initiative that is also designed to challenge the prejudices that exist on both sides.

Led by Dr. Esti Galili-Weisstub, Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Hadassah Hospital and a world-renowned expert in the treatment of conflict related trauma, and Dr. Shafiq Masalha, an Arab Israeli clinical psychotherapist, President of ERICE (Empowerment and Resilience In Children Everywhere) and senior academic lecturer at Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University in Jerusalem – this initiative builds on a highly successful, two-year binational training program for Palestinian and Israeli child psychologists that was launched in 2016 and funded by Project Rozana and World Vision Australia and supported by Hadassah Hospital.

The inaugural cohort of students attending the Binational School all worked at the multiple coalfaces of the conflict zone, all dealing with trauma, its causes and its outcomes on a daily basis. Students were exposed to a wide variety of interventions in order to help them upskill and enhance their career advancement in clinical and child psychotherapy.

Our aim is for the Binational School of Psychotherapy to become a World Health Organisation (WHO)-accredited school, training and preparing 60 Israeli and Palestinian post graduate psychotherapists within a 42-month cycle. Mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers) will be trained in the latest cutting-edge theories and research findings in the field of youth trauma treatment.

Dr. Esti Galili-Weisstub

Dr Esti Galili-Weisstub

Joint funding from Project Rozana and World Vision Australia

“It’s like throwing a stone in the water, and watching the ripples become larger and larger. This is how I see our project.”

Dr. Shafiq Masalha 


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