Project Rozana USA launched a local chapter in the Greater Washington DC area, following very successful interfaith events held in 2018.

Kenneth Bob, Chair of PRUSA, reports:

On the evening of June 13 this year, we held an inspirational launch event of the Greater Washington Chapter of Project Rozana (GWCPR) at the home of Dr. Maqsood and Nadira Chaudhry. Twenty-three people from diverse faith backgrounds took part in the meeting.

The GWCPR, which will serve as the prototype for future chapters in cities across America, will support the work of Project Rozana in Israel and Palestine, as well as co-sponsor community service events in the Washington area. This is an expression of our commitment to the moral imperative in Judaism, Islam and Christianity, to help those in society who are most in need. Walter Ruby, a veteran activist in Muslim-Jewish relations, will serve as coordinator of the GWCPR.

Dr. Chaudhry, who recently became a Member of the Board of Project Rozana USA, welcomed the attendees and told them that he had decided to get involved in Project Rozana out of a belief that, “We have to step up and take responsibility” to help Palestinians in need.

Participants received an update on the latest developments in Project Rozana’s work in the region. These include Road to Recovery, a program through which volunteer Israeli and Palestinian drivers join forces to transport Palestinian patients, mostly children, to hospital appointments in Israel, and logistical and financial support for advanced training for Palestinian healthcare professionals in Israeli hospitals, so that they are able to improve the quality of healthcare in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

Of particular interest to attendees was the news regarding Dr. Khadra Hasan Ali Salami, a Palestinian pediatric oncologist at Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem, who took part in a Project Rozana event last year at the ADAMS Center. Khadra will soon be receiving fellowship training in pediatric bone marrow transplantation at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

Participants in the meeting held a wide-ranging discussion and brainstorming session about ways that the GWCPR can support the work of Project Rozana, while supporting community service initiatives and strengthening Interfaith ties at home.

This launch was made possible with financial support from
The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding.