Project Rozana Canada has been arranging meetings, as part of an educational program organized by women’s group ITAG (‘It takes a Grandmother’). They attract community members interested in learning about and supporting Project Rozana.

On 6 May, 2019 a parlor event was held at the home of Drs Mark and Corin Greenberg. More than 40 people attended and heard presentations from Mark S. Anshan, Chair of Project Rozana Canada, and board members Jon Allen and Karen Goldenberg CM.

Jon Allen, a former Canadian Ambassador to Israel, provided an overview of the current situation in Israel that set the context for discussing projects being supported by Project Rozana Canada.

He highlighted the three pillars that underpin the role of Project Rozana:

Treatment, Training and Transport.

He related several projects to each of these, including…

  • Road to Recovery.
  • The Binational School of Psychotherapy, and
  • Training for Peritoneal Dialysis to be done at patients’ homes. This service provided by Assuta Hospital in Ashdod for healthcare professionals at August Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem.

Jon emphasized that donations to Project Rozana support, finance and maintain a bridge to harmony between Israelis and Palestinians built and carried out via these targeted activities.

Karen Goldenberg said,

“The enthusiasm of the audience was palpable. Several people offered to have a similar event to spread the word and introduce friends from all backgrounds to Project Rozana.


“As we continue to expand our network, we are building a web of supporters and giving people hope by demonstrating that Project Rozana offers a meaningful way for Israelis and Palestinians to engage with each other for mutual benefit.


“The objective is to build much-needed healthcare capacity in the West Bank and Gaza by training Palestinian healthcare professionals in Israeli hospitals before they return to their own communities, and by helping Palestinians who require urgent healthcare to access services that are only available in Israel.”

Future parlor events are planned for later this year.