Children of Peace is a non-partisan children’s charity organization dedicated to building trust, friendship and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children, aged 4 – 17, and their communities.

The aim is to develop a shared spirit via arts, education, health and sports programmes; so future generations might live and work peacefully side-by-side.

They believe in working for peace. That’s why they don’t take sides.

Their Coalition of Peace is the single, largest peace network across the Middle East and North Africa.

Affiliates within the Coalition of Peace must share our principles of the protection of all children, conflict resolution, peaceful co-existence, co-operation between communities and respect for the faith, heritage, history, narrative and values of each community in the Middle East.

Palestinian and Israeli children are paying a heavy and disproportionate price for the regional conflict. Those who are not killed or injured, live in a chronic state of anxiety, both about the present situation and what the future holds.

“The forgotten victims of the Middle East conflict are the children.


Many live in a perpetual war zone, frightened and stressed by the uncertain outcome of arbitrary violence. Children from both communities have lost loved ones, experience extreme anxiety, suffer from mental and physical health problems and have worryingly high levels of childhood disease and illness.


For us, protecting the children is the real and best hope for the future. It’s the children who can make the first steps on any roadmap to peace. Caught up in the endless cycle of violence are the ordinary people from both communities who yearn for dignity, justice, prosperity and a peaceful existence.”

Below are examples of the the work of Road to Peace…


Armed conflict affects one in 10 children and over the past few decades, urban areas have become direct targets, with the destruction of medical and public health infrastructures.

Children with chronic medical conditions are often equally at risk as those with traumatic injuries, and the high mortality of these patients suggests that untreated medical conditions can be more lethal than the weapons of war.

In a recent mission, Sally Becker enlisted the help of a team of pediatric specialists lending their expertise via remote consultations.

Now, the Save a Child mobile app gives aid organisations, hospitals, and emergency healthcare workers access to a global pediatric network – helping to bridge the gap that currently exists in pediatric emergency care.


Road to Peace provides medical help for sick and injured children fleeing from ISIS in Northern Iraq.

Like in 2017, The Iraqi army launched an offensive to liberate Hawija, one of the last ISIS strongholds in Iraq. Food and water was running out so many children were suffering from malnutrition.

Those who managed to flee had to travel through the minefields in order to cross the river to safety. Our team waited at the muster point to provide emergency medical aid for the children who were suffering from severe dehydration in temperatures of 35 degrees.

Road to Peace opened an emergency pediatric unit in a container at the screening camp in Dibis where we treated over 100 children every day.


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